Monaco Mechanical, Inc. has experienced great success throughout many different applications since its inception in 1991.  These include institutional, commercial, industrial, governmental and healthcare applications.  However, these areas of expertise can only give a broad understanding of what Monaco’s range of abilities truly are.  We have included in our portfolio of completed projects the following types of specialty markets:

• Biochemical Plants
• Colleges and Universities
• Laboratories/Research Facilities
• K-12 Institutions
• Pharmaceutical Plants
• Military Bases/Facilities
• Food Processing Plants
• Governmental Agencies
• Restaurants
• Criminal Justice Centers
• Hotels
• Sanitary Districts
• Hospitals & Healthcare Centers
• Assisted Living Facilities
• Skilled Nursing Facilities

When facing many difficult and complex projects, we come across many different types of piping systems.
Monaco has a vast knowledge of systems that include:

• Chilled Water
• Condenser Water

• Fuel Oil
• Heating Hot Water
• Medical & Laboratory Gases
• Natural Gas
• Process Piping
• Refrigeration
• Stainless Steel Systems
• Steam & Condensate
• Capable of Fabricating Pipe Up to 42” in Diameter